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Thanksgiving Recipes

November 21, 2019

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Thanksgiving Recipes to make your Thanksgiving dinner amazing!

Whole berry cranberry sauce
Fan Shaped Dinner Roll
Fresh green beans with almonds
Bundt cake topped with sugared cranberries.

Are you hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year? Or are you just in charge of bringing a side dish or a dessert to dinner? I’ve gathered everything you’re going to need to make this holiday dinner extra special. 

These recipes include the turkey, all the side dishes and some extra special desserts. I’ve featured several of my own recipes as well as several recipes from other amazing bloggers. 

Sweet Potato Dinner Rolls

Everyone has their favorite recipes for Thanksgiving. We tend to stick to pretty traditional recipes in my family. We start with an oven roasted turkey filled with a homemade sausage stuffing. Homemade mashed potatoes and gravy are a must. Then we usually have green beans, cranberry sauce and a few other side dishes to make certain our plates are overflowing.

For dessert we always offer a variety of choices: pumpkin pie, cherry pie, and this year we will also have a cranberry cake. 

How to make a successful Thanksgiving Dinner

  • A successful Thanksgiving dinner always begins with planning. 
    • Write down your menu
    • Plan a shopping list
    • Determine which items you can make ahead of time
    • Plan for extra storage
    • Examine your tableware – plates, silverware, glasses, linens, serving dishes. 
      • Plan out each serving dish. Label each dish with the contents that will fill the dish at serving time. This helps make certain you have enough dishes and it allows others to help out at the last minute.
    • Write out a timeline for cooking your meal on Thanksgiving Day.
  • Allow others to help
    • Assign your guest to bring side dishes or desserts
    • Assign tasks in the kitchen prior to serving
    • Allow help with cleanup
  • Take time to enjoy
    • Enjoy the conversation, your family and friends and the food! 
    • Don’t stress and if things don’t go quite as planned, it’s okay!

Make ahead tips

  • Make any dishes that can be made ahead of time
  • Peel and slice potatoes, cover potatoes in water
  • Cut up any vegetables, onions and garlic for your recipes
  • Prep your turkey – make certain your bird is fully thawed. Remove package of organs from cavity of your turkey. Check both ends and make certain there’s nothing extra under the flap of skin around the neck. Rinse and dry bird and store covered with plastic wrap on a baking sheet in the refrigerator. Do not stuff your turkey with stuffing until the just before placing in the oven. Your stuffing should be fully cooled when stuffing your bird. Many people also cook their stuffing separately. 
  • Make a turkey broth with neck, gizzard, heart and other organs included in turkey package. This is often used for basting your turkey, making your stuffing extra moist and adding to gravy.

Turkeys standing in the rain getting wet.

Thawing a turkey

If you bought a fresh turkey, you don’t need to worry about thawing a turkey. But if you bought a frozen one, you’ll need to plan ahead. All Recipes has a great guide for making certain your turkey is fully thawed. 

Equipment you might need

Don’t forget to PIN for later! Cranberry sauce with additional Thanksgiving recipes.

Thanksgiving Recipes

Any recipe can be served for Thanksgiving. Below are a few traditional recipes you might enjoy.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving full of family, friends and good food!

This was first published in November of 2016. It has been updated to share a wider range of Thanksgiving Recipes and information. 

Thanksgiving Recipes

From the turkey to the sides and desserts, this collection of recipes includes everything you need for your Thanksgiving.

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