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Halloween Apple Teeth

October 7, 2015 (Last Updated: March 10, 2019)

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Fun and healthy Halloween treat – Halloween Apple Teeth

Every Halloween we go to my sister-in-law’s house for trick-or-treating.  We live out in the country with the nearest neighbor being 1/2 mile away.  No chance of my kids getting a stash of candy at our place.  Nope, we head into town where we can walk down the sidewalks and go door to door.  It has become a tradition.

We always have dinner at my sister-in-law’s house before we head out to fill our bags... I mean-  the kids’ bags ( I don’t actually eat any of the candy! Ha!)

Our goal is to try to get as much healthy food into our kids before they go out into  sugar land. The kids loved them and they gobbled up this healthy treat!

Apple mouths with almond teeth

These mouths may look scary, but at least the ingredients are far from scary…just apples and slivered almonds.  You could also use lemon juice if you make these ahead of time or if your apples brown quickly.

See…I told you these were the perfect snack or appetizer.  Okay, so maybe I didn’t say that, but I was thinking it!

Plate of apple mouths

Go ahead…serve up some Halloween Apple Teeth for your little goblins!

Apple Halloween Teeth

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Apple mouths with almond teeth
Halloween Apple Teeth
Prep Time
15 mins
Total Time
20 mins
A perfectly spooky, yet healthy Halloween appetizer!
Course: Appetizer, Snack
Cuisine: American
Keyword: apple teeth, easy apple teeth, Halloween party food, healthy Halloween snack
Servings: 8 people
Calories: 14 kcal
Author: Kathy
  • 4 whole apples
  • 2 Tablespoons slivered almonds
  • lemon juice optional
  1. Quarter and core each apple
  2. With a small pairing knife, cut out the mouth shape.
  3. Rub with lemon juice, if desired
  4. Place the almonds in the mouth opening to form teeth.
Nutrition Facts
Halloween Apple Teeth
Amount Per Serving
Calories 14 Calories from Fat 9
% Daily Value*
Fat 1g2%
Potassium 17mg0%
Calcium 7mg1%
Iron 0.1mg1%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

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Healthy Halloween treat. Apples and Almonds formed into scary teeth.

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  • Reply
    Kennedy Cole
    October 9, 2015 at 6:23 am

    5 stars
    WHAT A CUTE IDEA! I always soak my apple slices in lemon juice for a sweet and sour sort of flavor, so these are right up my alley! Thanks for sharing these perfect Halloween treats! 😀

    • Reply
      October 10, 2015 at 5:43 am

      Soaking them in lemon juice works perfectly in this recipe!

  • Reply
    October 9, 2015 at 4:35 am

    Kathy, these are adorable. The perfect healthy snack when all the kids want to eat is high fructose corn syrup. I grew up in the country with zero trick-or-treaters, but now in Suburbia, I better have at least 10 bags of candy for that 2 hours! Again, those teeth are too cute.

  • Reply
    Rachelle @ Beer Girl Cooks
    October 8, 2015 at 8:17 am

    What a fun idea! I bet kids love those apple teeth! And they are a perfect distraction from all that sugar!

    • Reply
      October 8, 2015 at 7:38 pm

      It’s a brief distraction…but at least it is a distraction.

  • Reply
    Danielle @ So Munch Love
    October 8, 2015 at 8:12 am

    Yes! We are making these for Halloween. 🙂 And while I LOVE Halloween, I hate that kids end up eating so much candy. These are perfect and so fun!

    • Reply
      October 8, 2015 at 7:37 pm

      I know! And that candy seems to be around forever!

  • Reply
    Brie @ ToasterOvenLove
    October 8, 2015 at 7:41 am

    What a cute idea and fun project for the little ones! Add a little pomegranate juice or mashed raspberries and you’ve got vampire teeth 🙂

    • Reply
      October 8, 2015 at 7:37 pm

      Oohhh! I love that idea!!!

  • Reply
    October 8, 2015 at 4:50 am

    My favorite has always been Almond Joy. I should buy ones I don’t like at all so I won’t be tempted to sample!

  • Reply
    Fran @ G'day Souffle'
    October 8, 2015 at 1:10 am

    Oh these are so cute! My favourite candy used to be Reese’s Peanut Butter cups, but these look a lot healthier! Last year, we didn’t have any trick-or-treaters- how sad…

  • Reply
    Anu-My Ginger Garlic Kitchen
    October 8, 2015 at 12:46 am

    Awwww, this is such an adorable idea. And the best alternative to candy.

    • Reply
      October 8, 2015 at 4:49 am

      It’s fun and healthy.

  • Reply
    Liora - Allthingsloveli
    October 7, 2015 at 3:16 pm

    These are too cute! How creative and what a nice alternative to candy 🙂

    • Reply
      October 7, 2015 at 4:01 pm

      Too bad I can’t keep them eating just all the good healthy stuff!

  • Reply
    Manali @ CookWithManali
    October 7, 2015 at 8:47 am

    wow this is so fun! perfect for Halloween party!

    • Reply
      October 7, 2015 at 4:00 pm

      Yes! Kids and adults like them!

  • Reply
    Jess @ whatjessicabakednext
    October 7, 2015 at 8:20 am

    This is such a cute idea, Kathy! Love it! I’m super excited for Halloween this year too!

    • Reply
      October 7, 2015 at 4:00 pm

      It’s always a fun time!

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