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June 1, 2015

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In addition to my regular blog, you can also find my recipes on Yummly!               

You can still access all my recipes from Beyond the Chicken Coop, but now you can also save your favorite recipes from Beyond the Chicken Coop to the Yummly site.  Why would you want to do this?

  1. Yummly is a great way to organize all your favorite recipes.
  2. You can save your favorite recipes from other sites.
  3. You can search millions of recipes via Yummly
  4. You can create a shopping list through Yummly when you are ready to add recipes to your menu.
  5. Yummly gives you a quick nutritional glace at the recipes I’ve created.
Screen Shot Yummly

Screen Shot Yummly

Yummly  lists all the ingredients needed for the recipe, but it also takes it one step further.  Yummly lists the nutritional value for my recipes!  How awesome is that?

Screen Shot Yummly Nutrition

Screen Shot Yummly Nutrition


In order to use Yummly for the first time, you need to create a free account.  Got to and create a new account.  You can search for recipes without creating an account, but you will want to start saving your favorite recipes so you can link back to them at anytime.  This will also allow you to select and save your favorite recipes from other blog sites as well.  To save a recipe to your collection simply click on the orange “Yum” button found at the bottom of all my posts!

Click Here to access my Yummly Page

Are you already a Yummly user?  What’s your favorite feature?

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